The TRUTH About Removing Fake vs. Negative Reviews DON’T BE MISLEAD!

The TRUTH About Removing Bad and Fake Reviews From Your Record

Review management has become a very important topic for businesses of all types and sizes.

Consumer reviews are the primary component of your online reputation. Managing this reputation is more important than ever.

Whenever there is a demand for a solution, as there is now for review management, a lot of misinformation and defective products always seem to follow.

If you are concerned about your reviews rankings and reputation and are interested in taking steps to manage them, these are the important questions that must be asked and answered:

Can I Remove A Legitimate Bad or Negative Review From My Record?

Despite some of the claims you may have seen made by companies who offer review management, the flat-out truthful answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Don’t be mislead, as there seems to be quite a bit of confusion over what qualifies as a ‘fake’ review and a legitimate ‘negative’ review from a real customer who has had a less-than-excellent experience. It is this area of confusion that has spawned an aggressive and disingenuous attempt by some companies to play on the anger and fear of business owners who would LOVE to have only good reviews and will buy into false promises that ALL of their negative reviews can, and will, be removed from their record.

A legitimate negative review from a real customer can never be removed by any outside company, nor by you. Even if you feel the customer is not telling the whole truth or their complaint has little or no merit. A negative review can only be changed or deleted by the actual consumer who created it.

Any company claiming to have this ability is giving you misinformation. This usually happens during the sales cycle of attempting to sell you their review management product..

You CAN work with an unsatisfied customer to make the situation right with them, and ask them to edit, delete or replace their original review. There are proven steps to do this successfully.

Can I Remove a Fake Negative Review From My Record?

The truthful answer to this question is SOMETIMES, and there is never a guarantee that a particular website or platform will follow through on your request.

Every platform, from Google to YELP to Facebook, all have different protocols for removing a fake or malicious review. The process is time consuming and can be quite tedious. And there is NO GUARANTEE whatsoever that they will ultimately remove the review. In some cases there is an additional step, working through the platform’s legal department, to get these fake reviews removed. It’s best to engage an honest, hard-working review management firm to take care of this for your business.

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