Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Review Control™ differ from any other review management services?

Review Control™ gives you REAL review management because we are actually connect to, and monitor, the review sites and provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to be able to MANAGE those reviews from your Review Control™ custom dashboard. This is the real difference between review MONITORING and review MANAGEMENT. You will also be able to request reviews from your customers via TEXT or email, be notified of reviews in real time, respond to your reviews yourself individually, or use the auto-responder feature, embed a review stream of selected reviews on your website, along with robust analytics and reports. You will also be provided with personalized support for problem situations such as bad or fake reviews.

How Is Review Control™ supported?

Your Review Control™ account is fully supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist with your review and reputation management. Always ready to walk you through every step of the process to increase your review ratings and enjoy a more successful business. Our technical support team assists you with customer database uploads, and connectivity to your point-of-sale system when needed. No blind email addresses, ‘support tickets’, or non-responsive chat bots.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Costs Associated With My New Account?

Absolutely not. Your monthly program subscription fee includes the complete dashboard of easy-to-use review management tools, customer support and includes the level of text messaging costs for requesting reviews based upon your volume. For multiple location clients, we offer our proprietary HQ service level, allowing you to manage your locations centrally as well as providing user access to management at the local level, all with customized affordable pricing.

Are There Any Contracts Or Long-Term Commitments With Review Control™?

No-NEVER! Your subscription program is based upon a monthly fee, and can be cancelled at any time. We never engage in “bait and switch” tactics or coerce our clients into any type of long term commitment. We are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our service that we insist you remain in total control of your subscription and relationship with Review Control™. (Remember, if you cancel your service you will be unable to access your historical information and you will lose out on the most important management tool at your disposal to manage your online reputation!)

How Long Will It Take To Be Up And Running With Review Control™?

Not long at all. Once your have purchased your subscription, you will be contacted within 24 hours (1 business day) to schedule your onboard and initial training in the use of the product. You also have access to online support for more FAQs about the functions of your account, and live customer customer support via your representative and our technical support team for all aspects of your service.

As Review Control™ Continues To Add More Review Sites To The Service Will My Price Go Up?

Again, ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are constantly considering and adding more review repositories to the service to give our valued customers more control over their online reputation and reviews. As these new repositories are added you will NEVER see an increase in your price. Even if pricing were to increase in the future for new customers, your original price will always stay the same.