Spas Salons Gyms & Related Businesses

Competitive Advantage

There is certainly a great deal of competition in the area of personal care, beauty and wellness. Whether you operate a spa/salon business, gym or workout center, or even a more upscale offering with beauty care (botox and other services), your online reputation is going to be extremely important in attracting new customers. This is one of the most researched spaces by consumers, and your reviews and rankings can definitely make a difference for your business. At Review Control™ we have been managing the online reputation of businesses like yours for nearly a decade, and we know that you will benefit greatly from your efforts to build and maintain a terrific image!


Personal Health and Beauty

Attracting New Clients

As we are fond of saying: Reputation is Everything! In the personal health and beauty industry, positive reviews about your products and services could not be more important. And yet, many of your satisfied customers have yet to leave a review. The good news is that they are very willing to do so, if you make it easy and convenient for them. Email contact and surveys have a very low response rate. But when you reach your customers via SMS Text with a heartfelt THANK YOU and a request for a review, the results can be very significant–and rewarding in many ways. Let’s discuss all of the advantages that a Review Control™ subscription with support can help you grow in your community!