Your Travel Or Tourism Business

Specialized Management

Travel and tourism experiences are the most shared by consumers of any category on the web. Your reviews and reputation, combined with proper advertising and high level of service, are your key to creating that “buzz” that is so sought-after in your space. At Review Control™ we understand this metric because the company was born from the DNA of an Agency that specialized in travel and tourism related clients. Our bench is deep and we can certainly assist you in making sure that your happy clients and guests are engaged and become the Brand Ambassadors that you need them to be. Whether you are a destination such as a hotel, motel or vacation rental we can start helping immediately. Retail and attractions and Internet travel sellers also do much better when they use that formula to build a following, repeat customers and needed referrals. Let’s discuss your needs and get you started to a more successful future!


Tourism & Leisure Industry

Positive Reviews Are The Driver

Every aspect of travel and leisure will benefit from positive experiences shared by happy customers and clients. Being proactive about your review management will benefit your business at multiple levels. First, your online reputation is the most important–and not just the quality but the quantity of your reviews. In order to accomplish this, direct engagement is the key. Don’t bury a review request in a survey or “feel good” follow up, make it specific. They will respond! Most folks are more than happy to leave a positive review, you just need to make it convenient for them to do so. Your Review Control™ tools provide just that…a simple and effective outreach to obtain and manage all of the responses that you seek. Let’s discuss how we can benefit your business or location today.