Review Control™ Integrated Management For

Restaurants and Bars

Reviews Matter More Than Ever!

One of the most important aspects of running any restaurant or bar of any size are your reviews and rankings with consumers. Your food quality, level of service, pricing and overall experience are under constant scrutiny. MORE NEGATIVE REVIEWS are left in this industry than any other! And although an occasional negative review is unavoidable, it can be mitigated by procuring many more POSITIVE REVIEWS. For many reasons, including quantity as well as quality of positive reviews acting as your sign post for potential customers, gaining more of these positive reviews will ultimately dilute the effect of the negative reviews that may find their way into your profile.


Higher Volume Means Higher Level of Review Management

You Need A Proven System

Your restaurant location(s) experience a relatively higher volume than many other types of businesses. You can easily serve several hundred guests each day, and that means a terrific potential to grow your reputation and gain new customers with proper review management in place. We integrate into your POS system so that review requests are sent automatically to all guest paying with any type of credit card. You can also bolster your reviews with a POS placard with QR Code, as well as printed collateral cards to include in take-out and delivery orders. Delivery through new systems like GrubHub, Uber Eats and others has increased significantly, and we can assist you in gaining those positive reviews simply and affordably. Let’s discuss how we can benefit your operations!