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New Client Acquisition

Attorneys of every discipline are dependent upon new client acquisition to grow their practice and succeed in what is, perhaps, the most competitive service space of all time. Personal Injury cases, Family Law referrals and Criminal Law potential clients are always in demand. Billions are spent on advertising in the law space, and your online reputation is directly related to the results you can achieve. Higher search rankings are a MUST in order to obtain those new clients! We have many years of experience assisting attorneys of all practice areas to achieve these online reputation goals. Let’s discuss how we can benefit your firm or practice, and catch those cases you really need!


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Rankings and Visibility

The need for an attorney many times is immediate. Auto accidents and other negligence cases involving personal injury are especially elusive since the situation calls for immediate representation. Criminal law cases follow a similar curve. Family law cases usually involve research by the potential client to choose the right attorney for their situation. All of these scenarios require a high visibility in the local search rankings in order to be at the top of the search results. Your reviews are now a major component in the search algorithms, and a large quantity of quality reviews can definitely improve your rankings and visibility. Generate more new cases with proper review management. Let’s discuss how we can assist your practice to get the most out of your online reputation.

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Industry Knowledge

As a subsidiary of a major Advertising and Digital Marketing Agency, we have vast experience in the law space. We know that reviews effect search rankings, very important to attorneys of all stripes. We help you assess and manage your reviews across all platforms effectively and affordably.

Your Reputation

In the fiercely competitive space of retail law, everything about you is under constant scrutiny by the public. Personal Injury and Family law are very much “on demand” services, and you only have a short window to impress potential clients with your online reputation and review averages.

Customer Support

We understand from experience that law practices can be very busy environments handling a plethora of time-sensitive issues. Our support team is always standing at the ready, to assist your staff with any review or online reputation issues that arise.