Retail Businesses of All Sizes and Types

Rankings and Visibility

All retail businesses share one important thing in common: You need to establish a great reputation, and turn your happy customers into Ambassadors for your business. From the smallest mom-and-pop shop to major retail chains, reviews and rankings play a critical role in your ongoing success. But in the faster paced world of retail, you need every tool available to gather positive reviews from your customers. Just asking isn’t enough…you need to be proactive and provide your customers with an easy and accessible system to leave that most important review. Review Control™ is that system. Let us work with you to implement our program and insure more positive reviews and engagement from your customers.


Your Retail Business

Unique Tools To Gather Positive Reviews

In addition to all of the effective tools at your disposal with Review Control™ such as SMS Text requests and our email review response system, we have a proven addition that will certainly work for you at the point of sale. In so many cases where a retail purchase does not provide you with the information (such as the customer cell phone number), our unique QR code placard, placed strategically at your point of sale, gives your customer a fast and fun option to leave their review. They just grab the code with their phone and can leave a review quickly and easily. Let’s discuss your situation and implement our program to get those reviews you want, and need, from your happy customers!