Multiple Location Franchise Businesses

Competitive Edge

Creating and growing a successful franchise brand is certainly a heavy lift in any economy. As a franchise grows into more locations and markets, it becomes increasingly important to establish a great reputation. The review rankings of all of the locations and franchisees contribute to the overall perception of the franchise brand. In order to accomplish this, effective review management is the key element of growing the reputation along with the market share and revenues. At Review Control™ we understand the challenge, and are eager to discuss reputation management with any franchisor or franchisee. Our proprietary HQ multiple location management system was designed to address your situation, and we recommend that you contact us for a demonstration of its capabilities.



Specialized Management

Individual franchisees (especially franchisees that open or acquire multiple locations themselves) have a lot on their plates. And yet, with all of the time and resource investment needed to run a successful franchise, establishing and maintaining a great review ranking is critically important. Especially if a product or service is new to an area that already has competitive businesses that have been up and running long before your new franchise arrives in the marketplace. We specialize in identifying your issues regarding reviews, and implementing the appropriate strategies to grow and maintain your reputation. Let us show you how we can make an immediate impact for you!