Review Control ™Advantages For

Real Estate Agents

Competitive Edge

Real Estate sales are certainly one of the tightest and most competitive of all spaces in the local business community. Listings and potential buyers are increasingly more difficult to obtain as the landscape becomes more and more crowded each year. And like the old adage says:  People Buy People! Real estate agents depend greatly on referrals and their reputation, and we are here to help in that most important area. There are now more repositories for reviews than ever. Not just Google and your Facebook and Social Media accounts, but all of the related websites such as Zillow, and others. Your system will allow you to obtain the maximum number of positive reviews and manage your profile and reviews on all known sites that are critical to your image.


Vacation Rental Owners

Review Management That Works

The expanding world of vacation and short-term rental is a new phenomenon, with many new entries into the business. It seems that every house and condo is now a potential cash cow for an owner, and channels like AirBNB and others have provided a new platform and level of opportunity. Consumer experience in this space, similar to the Hospitality model, is very important to maintain the image that you want and entice vacationers to choose your property over others that may be available. Setting up and maintaining a positive review and reputation component can assist you greatly, and at Review Control™ we know exactly what to do in order for you to achieve this. Let’s talk!