Bad Reviews Waste Ad Dollars

ATTENTION: Anyone In The Advertising Sales Space–Information You NEED TO KNOW NOW!

Attention ALL advertising sales account reps, direct mail sales and ad agencies!

Your future in ad sales will, in part, depend upon how well you handle this new and important issue for your clients.

Our most recent research contains some shocking news for everyone in the advertising sales space.

As online reviews have grown in strength, and with over 90% of consumers relying on reviews ratings to make purchase decisions, we have uncovered a potentially frightening situation:

Over 57% of consumers surveyed indicated that they would not consider patronizing a business that has less than a 4.0 or higher review rating!

We are sure that you see the immediate implications of this type of behavior. If your client’s review averages are low, or have dipped below the 4 star threshold, then as much as HALF OR MORE OF ALL OF THEIR ADVERTISING SPEND will be wasted! And as we all know in the advertising game, a lack of net ROI for an advertising product means a higher churn rate and an erosion of confidence in the business community about your products and services. And the worst part is that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

The potential customers that those ad dollars reach are being compromised by low review averages, negative reviews that have not been addressed, and even fake or malicious reviews. And most businesses are not dealing with this problem equipped with the proper knowledge, tools or support to capitalize on a higher review ranking.

You owe it to yourself, and your clients, to take a look at all of their reviews across all of the many platforms, including social media. Even before you make your first sales call or take your first meeting. Your advertising product or service may be excellent, but ultimately the consumers are now determining the fate of your client. And the problem will continue to worsen over time. Tracking, managing and requesting positive reviews has become a daunting challenge to say the least. And more review sites and repositories are popping up every month. Now you can bring a solution to your clients, one from which you both will benefit greatly.

If your clients’ reviews could use some help, contact us at Review Control™ and we’ll help you, and your clients, get back on track and benefiting fully from their ad spend dollars. We have several unique and effective ways of partnering with advertising sales entities to bring order to the chaos. And your clients will be ever so grateful that you recognized their problem and will have a hand in fixing it up and getting them on track.

Get the information YOU NEED NOW at:

Talk to one of our experienced team members and let’s see how we can work together to bring your clients the most powerful and inexpensive solution to their review management. We offer customizable programs to help your sales and your clients, all with excellent support and real-time review management that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Now…more than ever….reputation is everything!

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